2000 Infiniti G20 Questions

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low beam head &fog lights on at the same time
I have blow a fuse can not find one Infiniti g20 2000
I replaced fuel filter and pump. Checked compression and spark plugs. It is firing on all 4 cylinders. It starts normally. The exhaust does smell rich.
If the master switch bad what the cost to replace it
Installed a rebuilt AC compressor pulled vacuum filled up with freon had ice cold AC for about an hour then it made a squeal and started blowing warm when the AC is on the clutch moves but when it's off it moves sometimes and sometimes not there is still freon in my account and it still has pressure but it's not blowing cold and no leaks is something not connected right or did I get sent a bad compressor
My battery is new, I has the alternator checked and it was fine. New front brakes.
It rides straight but as im gaining speed my steering wheel starts turning right but the car still moves foward in a straight line until I shift from 3rd to 4th. Once im in 4th, the wheel snatches back straight and thats it til I come to a stop and it does it all over again. Do you think its a bal ljoint or what?
My break light, and battery light either stays on or flashes
When flashing it dimming my headlights. The occasionally my ABS brake light comes on
have bought more than one new battery. would a ground be makeing my battery lose charge.
Hello the air in my car is working fine, however when I change from air to heat the heat will not kick-in. I heard there is a door needing to be closed. How do I do this?

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