1996 Infiniti G20 Questions

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I hear the click for the shifter trying to unlock I keep pressing break and pressing button to shift then it will finally release with several trys
Woke up to dead battery rear brake lights wont go out please help
Drive side door and towards the rear of the car.any ideas
i have a 96 infinity G20 model 4D . has a penut buttery color on the oil stick . timing belt sounds like it needs to be replaced , oil change & tune up . how much to an estimate , do you think i will be spending to replace these items ? or how much should i sale it for ?
I'm looking for spare parts and want to know which years to scavenge.
I have changed my alternator, starter, battery twice in last 8 months, the car will start fine for about a a month or so then same problem, drive car somewhere come back out no start, let the car sit for a while or maybe overnight . And starts fine, drive it somewhere no start
When my 96 g20 is cold and I back out of the garage I have my foot lightly on the brake all of a sudden I feel a clunk that comes thru the brake pedal. It feels like when your ABS are activated during hard braking.
Need to replace the power steering hose and feel that it might need a special tool to replace. If that is the case than I need to have a mechanic replace the hose. What is the labor cost to replace the power steering hose?
replacing the knock sensor need new bolt, what size is the bolt..size and length
Belt squeals when starting engine below 20 degrees.
My wife and I have searched all over to get a rt rear combination light assy. Please help, Thank you Jennifer & Craig
the shift lock is locked it just happened last night how do i turn it off
I have been trying to remove the axle's from the transmission for over a week and i can't seem to get them to break free i have tried a ball joint fork and a heavy duty screw driver and neither worked is there a special way to go about doing this?
The problem with this vehicle is that it starts fine but when the car is placed into gear, it stalls immediately. A repair shop stated without a diagnostic test being done first, that the transmission stall sensor was bad and that the transmission was locked and the car could not be moved. I had the car stall on me, I put it in neutral and pushed it into my driveway - the transmission wasn't locked. Is the repair shop correct in the diagnosis? Could it be the MAF sensor???? Need help in an answer fast!
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