1995 Infiniti G20 Questions

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after sitting in my car I opened the door and alarm went off and now the car won't start
It's a 1995 infiniti g20 t
Absolutely nothing electrical is working. Battery checked and is fine. Tried cleaning the terminals as there was corrosion, put them back on and it worked. Half an hour later car won't work again. Checked the battery again, it has full charge. The first time I tried turning it on everything flashed and then the car went dead. No lights, radio, dash lights, or ignition. Also if it helps it has a 1996 Infiniti g20 engine in a 1995 body. Almost everything other than the engine and alternator are 1995.
As I was driving home I noticed my dash-board lights & gear shift lights are out. the clock glows but is blank. the seatbelt light comes on & the lights when you start the car (oil,etc) But again No Dashboard or Gear shift lights working. Any ideas to help me please>
Reverse , first and second gear work fine..but going into 3rd and 4th gear slips and doesn't go into gear
Non lsd after trans swap and install i only have reverse but there is no grinding or hard shift any idea on whati can do to get her into drive again. Can i take the old shift solenoids out of my blown trans? Im stuck but i love this car!
About 2 weeks ago I noticed my power steering fading, now it is as if the car has died when I try to turn corners and earlier today I started the car and my belts were screaming and smoking. I don't know what the problem is but I think it's all probably linked to the power steering failure.
Where or how can I obtain that piece. Mine is cracked/broken.
license plate light is also out.brake lights work. headlamps work and gauges work. also the cruise control stopped working but i believe that's a seperate issue. thanks 4 your help.
The car ran great before I replaced the altenator I had the battery disonnected for two days only removed the alternator plug and ground wire on the altenator and bracket
It has never happened before today, it was while I was driving home today that the light came on and said to check the emission control right away. Thank you for your reply and advice
I bought my 1995 G20 for $400.00. Love it and it runs great until.... I cleaned the EGR Valve, due to chugging at stop lights, and going up hill. But this did not seem to help! Now I can get the car started but it will not stay running, as soon as I apply a little gas it dies out. Can someone tell me what else it might be. Single Mom with three kids, and I really need this car.... any help is appreciated! Thanks
where is the knock located and do you have picture or diagraphm of it
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