1994 Infiniti G20 Questions

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air flows out the defrost vents up top the dash, but nothing flows from main nor floor vents.
the drops rest on top of my engine oil pan. it doesn't leak from a visible hose.
will not unlock with the key
My G20 starts to idle rough then all the lights on the dash go on then it goes completely dead. It will restart with a jump but dies after removing the cables from the other car. I have replaced the Battery and Alternator 4 times each and the problem continues
The check engine light on my 94 Infiniti G20 stays on. Have experienced the car stalling right after it starts so wonder what the possible problem(s) could be.
we had to replace the timin chain cover and the gears inside but now the engine knocks real loud like there is no oil in is it possible that we put the gears in wrong. Im talking about the ones in the cover
Advised by a shop to have the "Distributor Assembly" replaced. ThThis website does not have a discription of what this part should cost & etc. Can you help me? My zwhat materials & this website does not have a discription of what this is exactly & what it should cost etc.
Have 153,0000 miles on my auto. Car has loss of power & stalls & stops when shifting gears & runs best @ a stoplight if place in "neutral"..... Tachometer appears to have a short .
the engine will turnover but not start
When braking, left front wheel makes a rotational scraping sound. Shop that installed brakes said backing plate is touching rotor. Can this be easily adjusted?
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