1993 Infiniti G20 Questions

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The car also idles low when the light flashes.. Head light dim at the time also.. But car runs fine. Can some one please help me out by letting me know what could be causing this.

Have taken off crossbar , exhaust pipe and all bolts about 25 or so , bottom of engine case is sepe rating on 1 side , but will not come off , what have I missed , thanks , trying to replace rods that have seized engine , thanks

My car was recently broken into. When I discovered this and tried to start my car it wouldn't. My mechanic can't figure it out. Is the car disabled if the alarm goes on for too long? The battery is not dead. Thanks

Noticed loss of power ((2) days while trying to increase car speed driving in traffic. Fluid levels are fine. Has auto transmission.Running hotter than normal. Owned auto for 15 yrs & has 181K miles.Too old for codes.Running hotter than normal.

I was stopped at light.. When it was my turn to go.. I accelerated, but my car would not go faster than 5-10 mph.. There was no engine racing or noises and all gages read normal.... Gas pedal also felt firm, but even though I had it pressed to the ground, my speed was only 5 or so... And I tried reverse and it was the same.. No slipping transmission noises or racing rpm's... Just only accelerated to 5+ Mph. ..?

Hi I have a1993infinty g20 2.0 motor car has 98000 mile car has new cap rotor spark plugs wires and fuel filter no ck engine light on originall fuel pump me hint told me to change tps sensor but didn't help any clues what to do next the car is really clean and owner took care of it

warm air comes out during idling, but not when driven

Is a transmission repair or time to junk it?

Any help would be appreciated as the repair manuals are hard to find and expensive. Thanks

my cooling fans are not coming on and my car keeps over heating

My car has this weird thing it idles ruff in drive fine in park neutral and reverse just when I put it in drive

I have had this car for four years now. I recently replaced the alternator and battery. But still having power problems. It runs great but it will turn off after 20 minutes (shorter if running headlights,radio,etc.) My infiniti G20 alternator keeps going out and battery dies.
One thing I noticed is the ABS light comes on shortly before the car is going to lose power and die. Please help!

The thfet light blinks when trying to start