1992 Infiniti G20 Questions

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It shut off while I was driving how can I tell if it's getting gas
I got an oil change on my car yesterday, about 5 hours later oil was everywhere car was smoking I drove about 2 miles on it...they called me back in after they changed it because their was a big puddle underneath my car after they were done, the guy checked it and said it was fine
where is the fuel pump relay
Is it hard to change out an ignition switch. The key is broke off inside and I dont think we can get it out.
I cant for the life of me find the starter, I have removed the intake intake ducts but cannot find the two bolts that all the other references say holds it in place. I really don't want to tear any more of it apart. please help.
about once a month the car will just die because the alternator quits. I get a new alternator and charge the battery and its fine . a month or so later it dies again.
HI I can't get my driver side door to unlock so i can open the door. does anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks Rian
i have bought every thing new in the cooling system the raiator the thermastat, the rad hose the rd cap and its still is over heating what could it be?
I'm by no means a mechanic, my 92 G20 top belt broke, trying to save it hard to replace by a novise?
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