2008 Infiniti FX35 Questions

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If I do not take the key out of the fob, it won't allow me to start the car. I have to put the key into the ignition.
I took my 2008 FX35 to Infiniti Of Tampa yesterday and my drivers seat was working just fine when I brought it in for an airbag recall for a (2nd) second time! When they finished and I got my car back the seat felt off track! What's up with that?? I complained immediately to the dealership and was told by the service manager named James said it was the motor going bad and then mentioned the teeth on the track...That is impossible to me! No way my vehicle goes in without an issue, they touched my vehicle and note it's messed up! My vehicle is garaged and rarely driven! I put 2000 miles on it in 7 months! I also researched and found (10) ten recalls on the FX35's. Anyone know anything about that?
Car feels like brake is on. Serious loss of power. MPG down a third. HELP!! Is this just the difference between mile-high & ocean-low?
My car has a permanent "engine service on" which I do notice when I speed the there is loud roaring noice from the bunnet engine.
Second is that I notice the car is consuming very high fuel.I had my airfilter changed,oxygen sensor,valve but the fuel consumption is still poor and not economical at all.
how can i change my car language from french to English
your answer will appreciated
My infiniti started on its own when I was locking the doors and was unable to turn off.
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