2005 Infiniti FX35 Questions

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seat will not slide back and forthh
This happens when I shut the car off makes a kind of "boing" noise
My headlights come on even when they are switched off when starting the car
I was driving in the freeway just fine and my service light turned on whIle my engine roar with the rpm going at four not shifting. My car is drivable but can't shift
That is it.
First the hose pop out and leak the transmission oil ,I drove it to 3 differents shop and each has said different thing.They change the filter and oil.
The day we bought the car (used with 20K miles) the leather in both front seats was severely cracked; mostly along the sides where you control the seat position. It's like the leather pulled away from 'the plastic' and now has ripped further and further. It looks horrible!
I came home one evening from work and noticed my head lamps were turned on even tho the switch was still turned off. My front wiper stopped working except for the rear one, my AC compressor doesn't pick up, it's just blowing warm air, and the car loses power while idling, it drops below 1 on the speedometer, and when i step on the gas-pedal nothing happens, it doesn't power up the engine. I took it for check up and i noticed that when the electrician touched one of the fuses in the fuse box behind the battery, the car got power and fired up the engine normally when i stepped on the gas pedal. But other faults mentioned stayed the same, (i.e: the front wiper not working, AC Compressor not working, the rear glass heater not working, and the head lamp stays on even with the switch turned off). He went ahead to test all components i mentioned above separately, by short circuiting them with a cable and connected them directly to the battery, they all worked, i.e: power got to the AC compressor, wiper, e.t.c. He advised me to change the fuse box behind the battery, but i think that might not be the problem. Please any advice for me?
bought this car from a dealer three days ago
Atf light on delay shifting after stop
about a 2 week when i start my car it was hesitant to start but it would start a had the alternator, battery and starter all check out fine.
I recently heard from an ex Infiniti service person that now works at a break shop that the massive deteriation of my dash with bubbles and holes is a factory defect. Anyone heard this?
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