2004 Infiniti FX35 Questions

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Had the airbag recall repaired yesterday, today had trouble starting engine, then warnings came on for VDC, Slip Guide and Service engine. Dealer says just a coincidence, but have to replace 3 cams for $1000.00. Am I being scammed? Asked for Regional rep contact...they say there is none.

When I press the gas it hesitates a little runs rough for a bit then catches up and is fine until I stop again, and the process repeats. Did oil change, added fuel cleaner & a carb cleaner. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance :)

what do you think is wrong my car never made noise or showed me signs that anything was wrong now its hard to drive due to it being hard to turn its like its stuck or locked.

I tried to start my car, the dash board lights were on, but no sound at all, not even a cranking sound. The radio, windows and even the engine fan is working but the car won't start. When i turn the ignition on, only the fans spin but no cranking at all

Car has 128k miles. In pretty good shape and I'm pretty sure the dealer is going to charge an arm and a leg for this to be done.

Horn? Fan?

I had both my seat airbag and side curtain deploy. I fixed car and replaced airbag. What else needs to be done to have them work again?

Is there a fuse for the front passenger seat of 2004 infinity FX35. All of the other buttons work but the one that lends the seat back

My car has been squealing LOUD when i brake for the last year. I have had the brakes replaced, rotors resurfaced, brakes pads shaved, calipers tightened and they STILL SQUEAL!...I asked the Infiniti Dealer to contact their engineering dept. to see if they have a fix for the problem, but they are saying that they probably wont do anything....The problem occurs in any weather, only when I'm going at low speeds and usually when I'm braking while in a turn(like easily turning into a parking stall)....People look around when my car squeals and give me the WTF look...It's awful. I hope someone has other alternatives for me to try. I love my car and will pay for any recommendation, I just need to get it fixed!

My car has an electrically powered mechanism to adjust the positioning of the steering wheel. This mechanism has recently started 'grinding' when the steering wheel position is being adjusted. Perhaps there is some foreign debries in the mechanism, or a broken gear. Is this fixable, or does the entire mechanism have to be replaced?

I need the steps to remove and replace the alternator for my FX35.