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With the Low fuel light on & the gauge on the Last line, when fuel is added, the total number of gallons received is 13.5gallons, the manual states that the tank holds approx 17.1gallons which suggests that there is 3.6gallons remaining in the tank. My question is can the dealer "adjust" the fuel sending meter to reflect a more accurate reading?
The fuel sending circuit has been replaced, the problem still exists & the dealer is of further help.
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Before assuming there is a problem or going forward with adjusting the reading on the instrument you would need to confirm that their is actually that much fuel left in the tank , as you describe.
If with the low fuel light on & the gauge on the last line you are able to drain the fuel tank and 3+ gallons of fuel are recovered you are correct.
The factory diagnostic tool , or "scanner" , probably has the facility to adapt the gauge reading within a given range.
Consider the possibility that the total volume of the fuel tank is not accessible to the fuel level sensor or beyond its range by design.
I'm all over the internet looking for this same problem...and it seems prevalent on the TL. Just bought an 07 with 35K miles. Fuel light came on and it only took 12 gals to fill it up. Dealer says the light is just a 'guide' per Tech Support. I think it's a load of crap. I mean, you still have well over a quarter of a tank left and you have this continual warning.

Don't have an answer for you, just wanted you to know that you're not crazy....

I have an 08 TSX with the same problem. Have never put in more than 14 gallons and my tank is "allegedly" 17 gallons.
I have a 2008 TL and from the day I bought it I have had this problem. I have taken it to the dealer twice. The first time I described the problem and they said they were not aware of this. They did there tests and replaced the fuel pump. It did nothing. I lived with it for 8 months and took it back. They had my car for a week and after discussions with Acura headquarters they said that the reading is within "normal limits". And there was nothing they would do. I called Acura's US headquarters and was also told it is within guidelines and thers nothing they would do. It's a load of crap if you ask me. The car runs fine but this annoys me that i might not keep the car long and not buy another Acura.
I have the same problem with my 08 Acura TL. I bought this car 3 months ago and have been watching the fuel gauge very carefully. I usually get about 25MPG but I'm already at the halfway mark on the fuel gauge after 165 miles, which means the car has only expended about 7 gallons, which is about what I end up filling it back up with. At 305 miles, my low fuel light came on and I filled it up immediately, and it only took 13.1 gallons, which means that I'm really getting about 23MPG. Just the same, the car is supposed to hold 17.1 gallons, so the light came on with about 4 gallons left, or about 1/4 of the tank. This is what Acura calls 'within limits'?
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