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Q: In idle at high speeds the RPM's surge/drop and when stopped it stalls in idle on 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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It does this mostly within the first few minutes of driving and so far it only happens in idle. At high speeds, on the interstate, it did the surge and then dropped drastically and felt like I lost pressure or maybe slipped in neutral. When I am going slow, or stopped but in gear it stalls. The last time I was going slow and my check gauges light came on indicating my oil pressure is low. I know I have a slow oil leak, but they just changed it 3 days ago (problem was preexisting)and it was just a quart low. This is the order of what it has done in the last 5 days... RPM Surge/drop pulling in parking garage (idle); stopped at a light it stalled and started right back up (idle);RPM surge/drop within 1-2 miles (idle); took 3 times to crank from being parked(in gear); RPM surge/drop within 1-2 miles (idle); stalled while going around a curve slow (idle) check gauges said low oil pressure. Started right back up; stopped in gear it stalled and took several (8-10)tries to restart (idle). I've tried to keep my foot on the gas so it isn't in idle when I'm driving since I noticed that is when most of the problems happen. The check engine light came on for a week, but I didn't get a chance to check it before it went off and a week later this started. It has 144K miles and I know it has never had a tune up. I saw where it could be a fuel pump issue or throttle position censor. Any suggestions?
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