Q: Impropper air flow out of dash vents, heat or ac doesnt matter. on 1999 Buick Park Avenue

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Air flow comes out defrost and floor vents. The system will not change to center vents at all. The blower when turned on will blow at low flow with the AC on and when you hit the auto button, the air does not change to high blower and if you click the fan speed button to raise that speed, the ac auto light goes out and the blower goes up. When it is on high blower, it stopped blowing AC, so you have to click the AUTO button now to get AC flowing in high now.
The passenger side controls sometimes light up.
Upon inspection of a couple acuators, i found what appeared to be a oily residue on one of the actuator and i didnt see this on the others. I have only found 4 actuators around the center of the dash area. Is there other actuators in the system?
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