Q: Im trying to put in a new Radio.And its not working. on 1990 Nissan Maxima

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Ok I Bought an after market radio from Walmart also I purchased the dash kit and the wire adapters to connect to the exsisting plugs. I wired up the new radio and pluged it all in and it seems there is power but not really the clock comes on but thats it. I cant change channels,put a CD in or anything but the radio says 12:00. Also I get no sound at all. What did I do wrong I triple checked the wiring and reconnected them just incase I messed up a connection. Please help.
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Can you go to Walmart and ask the person who sold you the kit? See if they know. It sounds like you don't have all power set up correctly, in that there is clock power and then on-off power, 2 different power sources.