Q: I'm Going insane trying to figure out what is wrong here!!! on 2004 Toyota Sienna

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Was driving down the road in my van when all the sudden it dies. Power still works, just engine shut down(no indicator lights came on, hadn't been acting up at all) Tried to restart it and it made a whirring sound then acted like it wanted to start but wasn't getting fuel. Changed fuel pump-still same thing. Had it towed in to a shop, where they "diagnose" it and end up replacing the timing belt-said it had jumped time and it was fine and dandy now. 3 days later, was driving the van when all of the sudden the temp gauge shot to hot (never overheated before) and the check engine light came on as it died. Now upon trying to start it it just whirs and doesn't even try to turn over. What are the most likely problems here??? I'm a single father of 3 and already dropped $600 on the last repair these people did!!! Is there a possibility they could be on the hook for repairing it???
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I suggest you call the shop that did the work and let them know that you are having this problem. I cannot speculate what the problem is, but I cannot rule out that the work they did could relate.
Yes I've called them and they want me to bring it back in (at my own expense of course). So i'm getting it towed in today-just don't like dealing with repair shops unless I absolutely have to as I'm a single father of 3 kids and don't have the exorbitant money they always seem to want plus i'm pretty handy with a wrench! Just can't figure this out!!!
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