Q: im getting a code 41 on 1994 GMC Sonoma

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so i replaced the crank sensor and the code did not clear even though i unplugged the battery and it still runs like absolute crap i mean this truck wong get out of its own way. does anyone have any othjer ideas of what it could be? also if the engine jumped time would the code still show up? i will pull the timing chain if i got to just wanna make sure its neneeded before i do
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ck for play in t/c 1st. is the crank sensor circuit working properly? are you getting signal? ck wiring for cracks and damaged wiring
okay i will put a ohm meter to the wires and see if it has power but if the sensor does have power then that means im having problems with the timing chain? like i jumped time or something? and thank you so much for your help
I had the exact same problem,.I.replaced crankshaft position sensor, still had service engine light, I did further research and found out it was the Electronic Control Module, replaced and it runs like a scalded dog.!!! No more codes or service engine light.
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