Q: Illumination light on dash stopped working on 2001 Dodge Ram 1500

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The light stopped working about a week ago- I can't see speed or other gauges at night. I changed the fuse, even though fuse tester shoes it as being good- I pulled the console- there seems to be 5 bulbs, bot I am sure 5 bulbs did not go bad at the same time. a friend said maybe the switch went bad, but if you roll it all the way up the roof light comes on like it should. Any suggestions?
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first check you backup lights and brake lights. im more of a gm guy but this is a very normal problem. if both backups and brakes are working good check for a ground wire on all 5 lights and brakelights and backup lights. it could be thats its grounding it self and not showing the proper problems... this is normal on older cars and truck. if non of those work go to the wiring on that switch could have a bad connection or just need some contact cleaner. hope this helps
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