Q: ii am having problems with my battery. on 2005 Toyota Camry

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a bout two years ago i got a new battery from autozone. a year later i took my car to firestone for an oil change. they told me i needed a new battery. I THOUGHT they were trying to sell me a battery i didn't need. then i noticed that acid was building up on my battery the positivre post and the wire leading to the positive post. the engine light came on. i took the battery back to autozone and they said nothing was wrong with the battery. 5trA FEW MONTHS Ago the car wouldn't start. the acid had eaten the wire and the clamp on the positive post. on august 17, 2013 i took the battery back to autozone and they finally replaced the battery with a new one. now about a month later the engine light came on again aqnd acid is building up on the battery again. i do not think i got two consecutive bad batteries from auto zone. i think it might be something else?
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Common problem for the battery terminals to corrode, it's not the battery at all! Take your car to an independent MECHANIC and let him do a propper cleaning and sealing of the terminals, which needs to be done at least once a year! Mechanic will/should know what to do. Not going to cost that much, so i suggest just having the work done rather than making a mess under the hood with different, suggested cleaning methods, let alone the damage it can do to the vehicle and YOU If not done correctly! And there are quit a few cleaning tips from Coca Cola to baking soda. There are propper chemicals that will do the job right and last much longer.
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