Q: Igniton Problem on 2002 Hyundai Accent

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Intermittantly dies and will not restart. replaced fuel pump & filter, then plugs and wires, twice, and crankshaft sensor. Trying to ohm out coil pack but not getting anything as far as resistance. Should I have aprox. .74k ohms? Keep getting trouble code saying cylinder 2&3 misfiring. Although it doesn't feel like it is missing. Previously got terrible gas mileage but this trip she got very good mileage. Any ideas?
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How about the ignition switch I see AC Delco, Airtex, Borg Warner, Standard motor products all have it available so it must fail about $40
Thanks for the info, hemicuda. I will ask my stepdaughter if that was previously replaced too. She had also told me that the plug wires were getting fried, which lead me to believe it may be the ignition coil pack. That is why I was trying check it, but never could get any resistance readings. BTW, their are not any repair manuals available anywhere. The only thing I can find is Alldata and I believe it requires a subscription. I did get some help from Autozones website.
Ignition switch has not been replaced. She insisted that I change the igniton coil pack, so I did. Time will tell. Thanks for all of your help, appreciate it!
I had a similar problem with my 2002 Hyundai Accent. When I would accelerate the car would stall. Replacing the MAP sensor stopped this. My car hasn't stalled since. And I too replaced the ignition coil and other parts. As suggested by a mechanic. I found it was the MAP sensor myself by unplugging sensors hitting the throttle and seeing if it stalled or not.