Q: Ignition testing on 2002 Pontiac Sunfire

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My engine is a DOHC. How do I test the ignition coil and control module?
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It is a bit complicated to check the ignition coils and module on your 2002 Pontiac Sunfire. The module and coil assembly must be unbolted and turned upside down (leave the eclectically connected or reconnect if disconnected.) There are two ignition coils mounted the the housing along with the ignition module. One coil fires the two outer cylinders (1&4) and the other fires the inner two (2&3). In order to test for spark you will need to connect a spark tester to one coil output and connect the companion side to ground. Cranking the engine should produce a spark on the tester. Perform this procedure of each of the coil outputs. Spark on all the coil outputs would indicate the coils and ignition module are OK. If one coil works and the other does not, switch the coils and retest. If the problem follows the coil the replace the faulty coil. If the problem does not follow the coil replace the ignition module. If you have no spark from any output check for proper power, ground, and crank sensor signal to the ignition module before replacing it. I know this sounds a bit complicated but as you run through the steps and think about what you are doing it should all make sense.