Q: ignition system problem? on 1996 Nissan Maxima

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Yesterday, after I stopped at red light then I pushed the gas but the car is hard to move forward and get vibrated about 30 seconds before it get normal ( still little bit of vibration). Are my car's spark plugs the problem? How much to replace the plugs?
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When you push the gas pedal does the engine RPM rise but the vehicle doesn't move? If so I think the problem is more likely a transmission problem. Check the fluid level, engine running check the oil level on the transmission dipstick.
Have you had the transmission oil changed in the past?
If it is an ignition misfire or spark plugs braking down under load with the transmission in neutral does the engine idle smoothly?
I have seen bad engine mounts tear the air induction rubber boot and cause the car to have a drivability problem as you pull away from a stop.