Q: ignition switch replacement on 1998 Isuzu Hombre

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My son changed the ignition switch in his pickup and now the computer is not recognizing the new switch. It is throwing a security code and won't start. How do you get it to recognize the new switch?
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You will need to follow a 30 minute relearn procedure. Make sure the battery is charged or connected to a charger and follow these steps:
Turn the key to the start position and release, the security light should be flashing. leave the key on and wait 10 minutes - the security light should go out or stay on steady. Turn the ignition off and wait 20 seconds.
Repeat the above steps two more times. After turning the ignition off and waiting 20 seconds for the third time, the engine should start and run on the next attempt.
When the engine is finally running the security light may stay on steady for a minute or two before going out.
That should do it!