Q: ignition switch on 2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara

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when ever it wants to it does not start. dash light come on headlights etc. i checked all the fuses starter & relays. All fine. it will work fine for weeks or months, then out of nowhere it does it again. once i could'nt get it to start for a week, then one day it started. now yesterday my wife had the problem & was stuck at a shopping center, while i was at work 50 miles away. she tried severl times while walking are dog in between. i took off early & when i got there she was'nt there, so i used my key (not a passkey) it fired right up. i called her she was about a mile away i pick her up in it. she was blown away. se had been stuck there for 2hr. now she's affraid too drive it.
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Really need to have the security system and the starting system diagnosed. Just because the starter seems to work during a test does not mean it isn't intermittently malfunctioning, this is common. If you get a shop to scan your security system, there will most likely be some codes that will lead you to the issue.
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