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Q: Ignition Switch on 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

About 5 months ago, I had to have my entire motor replaced due to a wreck (oil pan busted and my little sister drove it w/out oil for a mile) Before the wreck I was having no troubles starting my car, however when it got to the shop, obviously they couldnt start it up and run it bc the engine was seized up. $2000+ later, I had a new engine and was allowed to take my car home. I realize a used engine from another vehicle will run differently than my own. I was very aware of my car's noises before, and it almost felt like I was now driving a lawnmower. It was much louder and vibrated my car, unlike my original engine. On top of that, the very next day after I got the car back, it wouldnt start! Id turn the key and nothing would happen... no turning over. I went back outside about an hour later and it started right up, so I drove it back to the shop. I had just paid them over 2k and my car wouldnt start, so as you can imagine I was quite irritated. But I held my tongue and politely explained what was happening. The guy got in, turned the key, and nothing happened, so he lifted the key straight up, and wahlah the car starts. He proceeds to turn to me, tell me its my ignition switch, and says itll be another $300 to replace it. He also claimed there was no way to prove it wasnt already like that since they couldnt start the car when it came in. I watched them on a couple of occasions when I had to come by the shop and they were constantly turning the car off and on in about 1-2min intervals. I dont claim to know anything about cars, so I dont know what they were doing at the time.

At the time of the ignition switch diagnoses, I had another vehicle and no money left to fix the problem, and I was so irritated that I just left and took the car home. Now Im in need of that vehicle and I have had more than enough time to think about the ignition switch and how it could have possibly been messed up before the wreck... and I cant imagine how it could have been me. Am I being had? Is this something the shop caused and they are blaming it on me? Is that a part that could just randomly go out and I should just stop being annoyed and pay for it? Should it cost $300 to have this part replaced?

Please help!
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All I can tell you for sure is that Jetta ignition switches are not totally reliable and are expensive to fix because they are designed to be so theft resistant. $300 is not too bad. A couple years ago I paid $425 for an ignition switch for my daughter's Jetta.. It was a later car but the switch wore out anyway. The guy had probably seen worn out ign switches before. Sorry..
Hint: If you don't want to wear out the switch, don't have a heavy bunch of keys on the keyring, it's hard on the lock and switch.
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