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2003 Kia Sedona Question: ignition switch

My Daughter broke the key off in the ignition, How do You remove the ignition? -
Answer 1
Is the key totally broken off in the ignition or does the remains of the key still turn the ignition switch and start the engine, if so a lock smith may be able to extract the key. The steering wheel cowling/trim panels need to be removed. There is a detent to prevent the switch from being removed without the proper key in the ignition switch. Check out the website official kia website www.kiatechinfo.com/ they have workshop manual information on line for free. This is probably a job best left to a locksmith or garage. -
Comment 1
The key can not be removed, had a locksmith attemt to remove it, said ignition switch would have to be replaced. -
Answer 2
How do i removed it -
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