Q: Ignition problems after tune up on 1990 BMW 525i

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For maintenance purposes, replaced distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and wires. Car was running fine before. Now motor turns but won't start. I'm sure wiring is same as before. One thing, new spark plug wires are not Bosch but came with rings numbering each wire and therefore, guided myself to that.
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Recheck everything, especially the wire routing and the cap and rotor installation. You can even try re-installing the old parts to see if you have a bad part. Make sure you didn't leave any other wires or hoses disconnected.
Thank you, decided to take car to a mechanic, who found a bracket piece missing between distributor head and motor's head, that missing part @ 0.125'' made rotor miss and therefore when motor turning broke rotor and distributor cap.

All is fixed after $400 bucks.