Ignition coil Replacement on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

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Hi again. I've asked before about the ignition coil. Here's the follow-up. Finally the CEL came back on, but while I was driving, and was not steady, it was flashing! The engine started shaking very roughly, mostly when I accelerate, and there's a smell of burnt smoke or something. I was told it was definitely the ignition coil failing, and the smell was due to fuel not completely being consummed and going into the exhaust. Is that right? Also, when you pull out the coil, the 4 spark plug wires are plugged into it, is there any special tool I should acquire to pull them off, or do they go easy? I'd rather be sure first. Thank you again.
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You have a really serious and somewhat dangerous problem if you are getting the flashing check engine light:

Are you sure that this is just the ignition coil you've isolated? How did you get to that specific diagnosis? You may want to find a diagnostician familiar with difficult emission-control system failures.
Wow! Great fix. I'm glad that's all it was and that you're back in business.
VWvortex. And I'm pretty sure, since I checked for current in all four wires plugged into each cylinder, same flow, same resistance, and I re-grounded the coilpack harness directly to the battery. I think that the only thing left that can cause misfiring is the coilpack. It'll be delivered on thursday or friday, I will let you know if it has corrected the problem. (Haven't been driving my car since monday, and won't be until it is replaced.)
So great news, coil came today. I installed it, plugged back together the sec. air pump and spark plug wires, cleared fault codes and tried starting. CEL was still on and flashing, turned it off and read the code ; Cylinder 4 misfiring detected. I then looked at the plug #4 and pushed it and heard a click, which means it just wasn't well plugged before. So, I cleared the code, and tried again, and I think it never ran as well as now before :). No CEL again, drove the whole day with it, albeit there was a lot of smoke coming out the pipe at first, but I think that is to expect with all the unburnt gas and all. Thank you for everything, you guys were helpful.