Q: Ignition Coil on 1995 Mercedes-Benz E320

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I want to replace the Ignition coil but I cannot find a look-a-like. the coil currently attached appears to go deep under the dash. how can i swap this out and replace with a new one? any ideas?
(2) Answers
The Ignition Coil(s) are inside the valve cover. There are 3 Ignition coils, 1 for every 2 cylinders. You have to remove the Air Intake tube and then remove the plastic cover over the Coils and Ignition wires. Are you sure that you mean the Ignition Coil(s) because for a 1995 3.2 liter Mercedes 6 cylinder ( straight six ) that is where they are? I just did some last week and have done lots of Ignition work on these Engines. ( The Coils wear out at about 100,000 miles ).
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