Q: If the AC compresore is not fixed will it have an effect on the car long term? on 2006 Nissan Altima

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If I didnt get the compresore fixed would it affect the long term healt of my car. Does this affect the engine or any other area of the vehicle. Or if I just dont use the AC will it just not matter if I can deal with Hot weather?
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You asked about if you didn't get it fixed , but you never stated what about the compressor is faulty. If the hub bearing is failing and it locks up or worst case snaps the nose of the compressor , you WILL lose all of your accessories could be a tad dangerous while driving. open your hood and see for yourself if there is more than one belt then reply & call me an idiot. Just in case --some manufacturers make an optional bracket with idler pulley to replace a/c compressor and keep the same OEM belt.
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I wouldn't think so. Now, if the Compressor locks up, that will cause issue. But other than that it's just acting like another pulley.
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