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Q: If my fuel tank pressure sensor is going bad will it have my car burning gas on 1999 Pontiac Grand Am

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my engine light came on i had a diagnostic test the code stated my fuel tank pressure sensor was the problem ive noticed excessive trembling when i drive and im burning gas at a alarming rate will that sensor make my car tremble and burn gas fast.
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The fuel tank pressure sensor is used only to evaluate the evaporation emission system in your car. Is there another code stored or on the scan tool information what are the fuel trim figures, O2 sensor readings, and engine manifold vacuum readings (low vacuum would indicate a mechanical issue or that all cylinders are not contributing due to mechanical or loss of ignition to that cylinder ect...).Start with the basics, has the car been serviced recently? Start by looking at the spark plugs, look for vacuum leaks, that the fuel and air filter are good, clean the throttle body, add fuel system cleaner, maybe check that compression is even and then ensure the ignition and fuel injection system are OK.
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