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Q: if my friend stole my air compressor while replacing my radaitor how would i no on 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan

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seem like he took kinda long getting the raditor out he was on the passeger side in the front by the headlight but inside the engine trying to screw something out for the longest in if he didn't steal air compressor is there anything eles worth stealing
Did you LOOK to see if it's there? Does A/C no longer work(assuming it worked before)?Did your friend put a new accessory drive belt on it, because if he/she took the A/C compressor , they would either have left the belt off or had to replace it with a different belt , since a single belt drives all the accessories on either the 3.3L or the 3.8L engine and the original belt would not work without the compressor there.Did you ASK your 'friend'? Suspicion may not be worth the friendship.Okay I'm done , sorry.
thanks I look again the air compressor its there I think the hole might have got loose to the tramission line -true he's just somebody i know not my friend
With all the trouble you have with repair work, maybe you need to find a good mechanic!!!!!!!
Were you born in 1969? Just wondering.
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