Q: if my catalytic converter is clogged (not totally ) would this cause it to.... on 1995 Geo Prizm

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would this cause it to overheat and blow up my radiator? Or, could it be i have a blown head gasket? at first i thought it was the thermostat...but i took it out and it still blew up another radiator. i blew up a third radiator today! WTF I'm baffled. I put a new radiator in it and ten miles later it just blew up around the radiator cap.
(3) Answers
Got to be compression from the engine going into the cooling system. I say head/gasket problem!! Just how hot did it get? Quit running?
I had a nissan pickup that had a clogged cat close to the engine and it caused the head to warp, cracked the valve guides, and spew coolant quick. repair was $1,500. If you know the cat is mostly clogged, change it out.
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