Q: If I had my auto trans rebuilt do I need to have my gear position sensor checked on 2003 Ford Explorer

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I recently had my automatic transmission re-built in my 2003 Ford Explorer. I am now experiencing gear shifting problems. My truck is not driving right and it feels like my gears are not shifting properly. My O/D light was flashing, however, it has stopped. My car does not drive over 30 mile in D, and I am getting high RPM readings when I accelerate. I been driving in 3 until I can get it back to the shop in a few days. Could it be due to me needing my gear position sensor inspected or adjusted? Just paid $2,700 dollars for a re-built transmission one month ago. Help Please
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I had the job done in Michigan and I relocated to Jacksonville, Florida one month later, I called the transmission shop that did the work and he told me to have the sensor checked, due to me being so far away. I do have a one year warranty on my transmission. I'm just hoping when I take it in to the transmission shop here in Jacksonville it will not require an entire transmission job. Hoping for the best... However, I have done extensive research on this vehicle and there has been an anormous amount of complaints. Thank you for answering my question. I've contacted the rebuilder already, he so far away now!
had simular issue with a rebuilt tranny. turned out to be wrong grade tranny fluid, and a dirty connection. hopefully your prob. is something as simple fix as that. good luck.