Q: If Ford had a recall on a part and you didn't get it done, who do we call on 2000 Ford Taurus

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My gear shift won't come down when you crank the car, and my brake lights says on.

"Ford has recalled certain 2000-2004 Taurus and Mercury Sable vehicles for possible malfunctioning of the brake light switch, which may cause brake lights to stick on, or not come on at all. Also, the driver may not be able to shift out of "Park" and the battery could discharge. Dealers will replace the brake light switch and the wiring connector mounted to it."
(2) Answers
Your local Ford dealer. If the recall applies ,they will do it. If there are additional problems , there may be charges for the work not covered by the recall. If the recall fixes it your only responsibility would be to get the car to them.
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