Q: If a engine remained unused (brand new)for 1-2 years ,should we change the oil? on 2008 Isuzu Ascender

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Actually it is an ISUZU FTS-34 engine model 2010/2011,i am from Pakistan and per force used the other ZIP ,model etc
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No if it has not been in service at all, just check it and be sure it is at the CORRECT level. If the engine is sealed up should not be any problem except moisture from condensation but that should be minimal. Even with the temp. curve in Mn. Can always change after running engine to be sure it is ok. IF you do drain this new oil save it, may need some in your lawn mower!!!
i would say it depends on whether or not you have run the vehicle periodically(once a month) while it was sitting. if vehicle will sit for ext. period of time, it is recommended to do so.
theoretically it should be fine but drain a sample out and see how it looks. if clear than it should be fine. if milky or dark than change it. vehicle sitting that long should have inspection any way(peace of mind).
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I agree with both of you, but I am saying why take a chance just drop that oil and give the vehicle a fresh start with new oil, also check antifreeze color and levels, and all the other fluids for color and proper levels, and just a total visual check of the overall vehicle. (dont forget tires, and underneath the vehicle. one question i do have is what is the mileage on the vehicle? enjoy
I have a qt. of new unused oil sealed up in a metal can i have had for 2 years, should i throw it away and buy a new qt. before adding it to my engine? Do new car dealers change the oil on a car that has sat on the lot for a year or more? How about antique collectors ? Maybe they should. I see the logic either way.
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