If a code P0304 is showing but the spark plugs have been replaced on 2000 Kia Sportage

My car is low on comression for take off, runs very hot, and has check engine light on.

Spark plugs replaced, antifreeze added, wqter pump, fan clutch, timing belt, and altenator belt allreplaced.
can a bad coil cause all of these issues?

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Possible coil, injector, coolant leak into or low compression on # 4 cylinder. Any steam/smoke from t-pipe? Coil or injector problem not the cause of running hot! Cooling fans working? Suggest combustion leak test.
I will suggest that test and no smoke or anything... the fan is running but just not cooling.. has been flushed and has coolant in it ..
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Smooth lack of power at low rpms? Hook up scanner with LIVE data and watch the timing stats. Poss. belt off a tooth on one of the cams.Only way to rule it out is with live data. That may also help determine cause of P0304.
No I havent had a compression test done on it.. when Im starting out it goes fine its when your trying to reach higher speeds that it lacks power...... and
the computer code was cleared on its own after I got gas and repalced the cap and clicked it... Its still running hot so I replaced the thermostat but they only had a 195 degree instead of the 180 will this effect the gauge still running hot? IM so frustrated I just bought this and have no money to replace anything major. Its got new water pump, new fan clutch.. can it be a bad sensor or gauge? What is a normal temp for a 2000 Kia Sportage
210-225 degrees is about average operating temp for most newer cars. Rad. cooling fans (without A/C turned on) should come on at about 210-215 degrees. I think your least expensive option at this point (and possibly most accurate) would be to have it monitored as I said before , with a scanner for live data info.That will cut down or eliminate guessing , unneeded expense and frustration. Live data should give you answers to probably all the questions you've asked. good luck.
is it low on compression in all cyl?
I guess I miss spoke its not low compression, its low power. When I start and go its fine but when I try to raise my speed it lacks power
possible. seek to diagnose and scan for codes
umm hello I just said the code is P0304... why are you posting something I just said