Q: Idol and shifting from stopped position on 2001 Volvo V70

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Sometimes my car idols high when the car is in a stopped position, example red light. When you press the pedal to move the car will not move immediately, but act like the car is in neutral and then suddenly the car will press forward. This doesn't happen all the time, but it happens at least once a day. Do you think the transmission is gone or a sensor problem?
(1) Answer
The 2001 V70 had some transmission problems, and you may be starting to see the symptoms of a bad transmission. There are a few things though, the 2001 V70 has a software update that will address some shifting issues, and you should have the latest software installed (I recommend updating all the software in the vehicle) The electronic throttle modules (ETM) were also a problem that can cause the idle and acceleration problems. Volvo extended the warranty on the ETM to 200,000 miles and 10 years I believe, check with your Volvo Dealer. Also, the mas airflow sensors are problematic and can cause some problems. Good Luck