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Q: idle sensor or something on 1997 Chrysler Sebring

my car is cutting off when i slow down or stop why is that? It drives fine till i have to stop...
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Typical symptoms of a Dirty Throttle Body. SYMPTOM/CONDITION:
Intermittent engine stalling when taking foot off accelerator pedal (coasting) or coming to a stop. The throttle plate and bore may become coated with contaminates from the intake system. This restricts the amount of air flow past the throttle plates at closed throttle to allow the Idle Air Control motor (IAC) to compensate and keep the engine at it’s programmed target idle. If the throttle body plate and bore are coated with contaminates, perform the procedure to clean. On some engines, removal of the throttle body is not necessary.
1. Remove the throttle body from the engine;
2. Spray the entire throttle body bore and both sides of the throttle plate with Mopar Throttle Body Cleaner, p/n 04897156AA. This will remove the bulk of the contaminant.
CAUTION: This cleaner should only be used in a well ventilated area. Do not allow contact with skin or eyes. Rubber or butyl gloves and safety glasses are recommended. Wash thoroughly after use. Do not ingest.
NOTE: Use only Mopar Throttle Body Cleaner, the use of other cleaning agents may damage components of the throttle body.
3. While holding the throttle open, use a small, (1” x 1”) piece of green Scotch Brite scuff pad, (or soft bristle brush), clean the throttle body bore and throttle plate, (including edges). NOTE: It is important that this cleaning procedure be performed thoroughly and completely. The edge of the throttle plate, and the portion of the throttle body bore where the throttle plate comes to rest are the most critical areas where the cleaning should be concentrated. These areas must be free of all deposits when the cleaning is completed.
4. Thoroughly clean the throttle body with Mopar Throttle Body Cleaner, p/n
04897156AA, and blow dry with compressed air. Inspect for any foreign material which may have been left from the cleaning process.
CAUTION: Do not blow shop air pressure directly into the throttle shaft or throttle body housing holes.

Qty. Part No. Description
1 04897156AA Mopar Throttle Body Cleaner
1 NPN Scotch Brite Pad, (Green) or soft Bristle Brush
Your local repair shop should be able to perform this repair in about 1 hour.
Nice try but that won't do it. That is a common problem for Crysler cars. Could be anything from the distributor to the crank sensor. I would start at the crank sensor and go from there. Good luck
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