Q: idle and auto shift problems on 1995 Ford Taurus

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since purchase of the vehicle, it will shift to higher gears while driving, however as i slow down, it downshifts jerkey into low at about 35 mph as if i'd done it manually. also while a backyard mechanic was feeling around in the hood, he cracked a small brittle vacuum line which i immediately replaced. the vehicle now can barely stay running,. it idles kind of high and then very low to the point of stalling if not accelerating. what all do you think is wrong?
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Hello, this may help you. It sounds like you may have serval problems, the first one can be your MAF sensor can be faulty. The other maybe your AT Pressure Soleniod Valve. This valve takes fluid and pressurizes it into the ports to help shift grears in the transmission, AT channels can be obstructed. Good Luck
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