Q: Idle Air Control Valve on 04 PT Cruiser??? Where is it??? Need a photo! on 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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I want to clean my IAC, but can't figure out where it is exactly. On another website (PT Forum) there is a pic, but it doesn't look exactly like my car... and I'm a novice. Can someone send me a pic, or link to a pic of a 2004 PT engine - and point out the IAC??? Please?!? :(
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Sorry, cannot insert photos here. The IAC is mounted on the throttle body. When servicing throttle body components, always reassemble components with new O-rings and seals where applicable. Never use lubricants on O-rings or seals, damage may result. If assembly of component is difficult, use water to aid assembly.
Disconnect negative cable from battery.
Remove electrical connector from idle air control motor.
Remove idle air control motor mounting screws.
Remove motor from throttle body. Ensure the O-rings is removed with the motor.