Q: Idk Where To Put The Transmition Fluid!!!!! on 2004 Audi A6 Quattro

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Sorry But till this day idk where is my transmition fluid cap. Can you direct me there ? Thankx Alot!
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Audi are very particular in stating only their transmission oil be used in these transmissions. They are also are insistent that the oil only be check and the transmission oil level be adjusted at a particular transmission oil temperature (checked with a scan tool). The fill plug is assessable from under neath the car. Gone are the days of pulling into a gas station and checking your transmission oil level with a conventional dipstick accessible from the engine compartment.
1997 A6 Q. What ATF is required for thsi car? Also, spark plugs and gaps...not in their maunual
There is no provision for a dipstick or filler tube.
The transmission is filled via a fill/overlow port (17 mm hex plug) accessible under the vehicle towards the rear of the transmission pan.
The assumption is once the transmission is properly filled the only reason to add fluid would be due to leakage.
In other words the transmission does not consume fluid compared to the engine , which does consume oil and is therefore provided with a dipstick.