Q: I was told to seal the evaporator pads to stop the leak inside the driver side . on 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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I paid $350. at the dealer,a year ago,to seal the evaporator pads.And the leak is back again ,Did they do the wrong repair?Or was I taken for a ride?
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What's leaking? Water on the floor? If so, check that the evaporator drain tube is OK, it can get clogged. It's a rubber hose coming from the lower part of the evaporator housing, usually on the passenger's side, passes forward through the firewall to drain water to the ground under the engine compartment. I'm not sure what evaporator pads are but I assume that you're referring to seals keeping the evaporator housing halves sealed. You need to find out what's leaking and where it's coming from and go from there. I don't know whether they did a right or wrong repair because I don't have enough information. If the cowl vent area is full of leaves and debris, you can expect the A/C drain to get plugged, just so you know.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
I cant find the water coming into the car,I put napkins everywhere,cant see water,I only see the matt wet in the morning,then the heat dries it up by the afternoon,i can not figuere it ' only on the driver side,the wetness.