Q: I was told that i would need the oil pan to be dropped and engine cleaner run on 2006 Kia Sorento

Rookie cbe0621eac06868b3efe0d8d1d3611e23c60d3114864ea2ec19a68cfbd3eebab clean out sludge from engine.What should it cost?
Would i be better of having them take apart the engine and cleaning it?Is my car ruined?!
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If they are recommending an engine flush which supposably cleans out engine slug that usually runs around $100 plus oil and filter at aftermarket quick lube type shops. The oil pan does not need to come off to perform this service so maybe you have a leaky oil pan gasket that they also quoted you for.
I was told it had alot of sludge. I know I didnt always get my oil changed on time, but i didnt just let it go either.They said that they would need to run and re-run engine cleaner thought it and drop the oil pan and then change then I would need to change the oil every 500 miles for a bit to clear it all out. The dealershp told me the cost would be 450.00