Q: I was told that because one front strut has some wet stickiness on it on 2005 Lexus RX330

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it is leaking and needs bilateral replacement. Have 52K miles. How much should front and rear replacement cost and should I do all 4 at 50K miles? There are no symptoms and car rides great. Is it dangerous not to replace them now?
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for frt struts its approx 900.00 to 3000.00 depending on if you have air ride or not and slightly more if you have all wheel drive. good luck
IS that for all 4 struts or just the fronts? I do have all wheel drive. Is 50,000 miles typical for needing to replace them?

Should I do all 4 if only one is "LEaking" (moist on the outside)? Does this moisture mean that it's leaking?

I got an estimate from "Brakes Plus" for all 4 for $1000. Do you think they are they competent to do the job or should I go to a private mechanic business?

Really appreciate your advice. Thanks.
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