Q: I was told I need a new serpentine belt. How much should it cost? on 2007 Mercury Milan

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Car has 125,000 miles. Is it something I can tackle?
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Cost for the belt should be around $45.00 and can be a do it yourself project. Either draw the belt routing on a paper before removal of the old one, or get a routing diagram online if it isn't on the back of the package that comes with the belt. should have the routing diagram for your vehicle. You would need to use ramps under the front tires so the belt can be accessed from the top, and bottom. The 2.3l 4 cylinder engine has the belt tensioner at the right rear of the engine, and you can reach down past the alternator with the wrench to relieve tension on the belt during removal. The wrench will go on to the tensioner which has a raised hexagon spot, Rotate the wrench as you remove the belt from the power steering pulley. Then release tension on the wrench, and remove the belt. The new belt will need to be routed exactly as the old one was.