Q: I was told I have a cracked valve cover at cap for 2000 Explorer Sprt, easy fix? on 2000 Ford Explorer

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A Ford dealership told me my valve cover is cracked right at the cap. I didn't know valve covers had caps. If leaks very little oil, if any. I would like to repair myself, will it take new valve cover or do you have an alternative repair? If cover needs replacement, can you recommend a how to website or book?
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I would try a good cleaning and sanding, spray down with brake cleaner, let that dry then some RTV silicone! Warm engine, force RTV into the crack with cap on then remove the cap put more RTV on to cover entire crack leave cap off for 24 hrs. dont run engine, then replace cap and drive. It's worth a shot. Can always replace valve cover later IF needed. USE RTV, NOTHING ELSE!!
They should be referring to the oil cap on valve cover. If cracked probably needs replacement cuz oil will leak out from around cap area. Should be simple just make sure to get new valve cover and torque specs.
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