Q: I was driving 97 Honda civic and i hit a minor bump and both air bag went off! on 1997 Honda Civic

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what could have caused that i remember it was raining as well and it broke the wind shield had it replaced and i re ordered Both as a Pair off ebay! i got em already but afraid of installing em not until i know why it happend! i did took off the front bumper but not sensor at all was found, does this car has a impact sensor SRS light is still lit up i just dont wanna rest it and installed it and have that experience happend again while im driving
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You will also need to replace the SRS control unit. Impact sensor is part of it ,in that year. Have battery disconnected while working on it.-- SRS unit is under center in front of shift console by firewall.
Great thanks! im curious do u think the SRS Unit could have been the result of my airbag going off while i was driving! anyway i will be replacing it and see what happens
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