Q: I took my car to the dealer for an oil leak. They told me it was an engine mount on 2005 BMW 745Li

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To be exact it is the drivers side engine mount seal. How difficult is this repair? The dealer wants $700 and the part cost $15. Is there a site to print a schematic so I can make sure I have the necessary tools prior to attempting the work? I just paid them $7000 for a head job on a car with 67,000 miles so I am reluctant to give them more money.
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Ever thought about another make of car? These are sharp rides i will give them that but hi dollar to work on.
67k for other makes ain't broke in yet! Maybe an Asian even American mod. would be better. just saying.
I agree with answer 1 I think (hope) you misunderstood what they told you about the fix.