Q: i think i need a hub bearing on 2004 Chevrolet Impala

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I have a small shaking coming from the front rioght side of my car, i pulled tire off and check the 3 and 9 and then 12 and 6 and there was no play so i rulled out ball joints? could be hub bearing or tire rod? i hit the brakes and 9 out of 10 times they do not pulsate so its not rotors only thing i can think of it tire rod? or hub bearing
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What you checked was the wheel bearing, not the ball joints. To check ball joints you need to put a jack under the suspension to take the car's weight and then probably use a long prybar to check at the balljoints for looseness visually. It's good to have someone show you the first time. Better to check the wheel bearing with the tire on so you have more leverage and can feel any looseness better. Also rotate wheel and feel for roughness. If you haven't balanced the tire and looked for out of roundness, try that before you go any further.
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