Q: I start it up after its been off & it makes a knocking sound but goes away quick on 1997 Toyota RAV4

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When I start my 1997 rav4 up after it's been off for an hour or overnight and it makes a ticking/knocking noise. But it goes away after a few seconds and it drives very smooth, and engine sound great. Even when sitting or at stop lights it sounds good, just the first few seconds of starting it up sounds bad.
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Have a mechanic listen to the noise when the engine is started from cold! My guess is a bad connecting rod bearing perhaps a piston skirt that is slightly collapsed. Has the engine ever severely over heated or been driven low on oil?
The engine has never over heated, it's always been at perfect temp. I never ran it low on oil, but it's possible the previous owner could have. I'm not sure though, bought it from a used lot. I just recently changed the oil filter to an actual Toyota brand filter, and the knocking has almost completely ceased. So i would recommend checking to see if oil filter is Toyota brand or not if this knocking occurs with anyone Else's Toyota from the age 1986-2000. I researched a lot and found any Toyota vehicles from those years need to have an Toyota brand oil filter or this knocking noise, or lower performance will occur.