Q: I see that the master cylinder can be purchased online for 40 to 45 dollors on 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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Why are you charging 168 to much poor for the same part?
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The repair shop has got to mark up parts prices, that is how they make money! You can buy a used master cyl. for that price, 40. to 45. but not a new high quility one, i,ve checked! Also labor rates are high, i agree, but the mechanic's dont work for nothing either, in fact not enough! The shop has other expenses too like: the FACILITY, garage liability insurance, 'high dollar' tool's and equipment, utility cost, shop supplies, HASMAT disposal etc. A top quality, complete mast. cyl. for that vehicle is going to cost around 130.00 (plus). You can skimp on some parts but not brakes! The shop is doing you a favor by having a real mechanic install top drawer 'BRAKE' parts since nothing will take their place when you need to STOP!!!

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on line parts are the cheapest parts ever and have a really bad return policy. pay the extra and get a warrnty,its worth every penny in the long run. good luck
Do you if its part is New,Re-manufactured/Rebuilt? Sometimes its hard to believe but one gets what one pays for... So i recommend you compare Warranty (Parts/Labor),Brand because a Master Cylinder play a very important roll within the brake system of any vehicle. Good luck.
It is new with a good warranty and available from many parts dealers in that price range.
Tell me where i can buy this, 'new' complete, brake system master cylinder for the price you indicated, $40.00 to $45.00, at my door! Also the brand name.
Poor boy.
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